P2 Putter

P2 Heading 2

Some golfers, whilst appreciating the importance of having their putter set to their correct lie angle, are just not comfortable with ‘mallet’ style  and size putters, for these golfers we developed the P2. The P2 putter has a traditional ‘blade’ design but still incorporates many of our unique technical features.


  • Adjustable lie angle – an absolute must to ensure perfect directional control.New hosel
  • Shaft/Hosel design perpendicular and connected directly behind the point of impact for the most solid feel and minimum twisting at impact.
  • Vertical moment of inertia positioned to achieve maximum top spin roll, the more topspin the more putts go in.
  • 360° Face Balanced
  • Head Weight – 345 grams enables a really smooth pendulum stroke.
  • CNC Milled Polymer face insert compression tested to R&A and USGA rules specifications.
  • Shafts are interchangeable between Standard and Belly.
  • Left and Right Hand