Powertube Driver


Whats Different? – Everything!



The Powertube sits in line with the moment of inertia and connects the toe to the heel of the driver enabling weight to be positioned anywhere along it’s length without changing the launch angle or vertical centre of gravity. Therefore, our weight cassettes can be used to control either flight shape and direction or extra mass behind the striking area or a combination of both producing the straightest and longest drives imaginable.

Driver Info

Weight Cassettes

Izulu cassettes each weigh 27 grams. Each individual colour coded cassette (see transparent examples above) has weight internally positioned to achieve different ball flight corrections and characteristics. Your PGA golf professional will work with you to establish the correct cassette for your game.


Weight Cassettes are inserted through the toe and follow the horizontal centre of gravity to their heel location.  The coloured end caps determine the weight bias of the cassette.

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Powertube Information


The interchangeable hosel allows for 8 positions of adjustment that provide both face and lie angles to be changed to suit golfers different geometrical requirements. (see chart below)


Cup Face

Cup Faces differ from the way most manufacturers install faces on their drivers. The Cup Face creates over 30% more face area beyond the normal welding location providing a significant increase in power and forgiveness off the face.



Izulu shafts feature a construction and bending profile that is totally different to that produced by other manufacturers. You will see and feel a significant difference in all our products when hitting with our unique shafts.