Powercone FF Irons


The Powercone forms an ellipsoidal bridge connecting the face and the back of the undercut cavity. This Powercone centres and transmits most of the head mass (weight) to the centre of the clubface, producing the longest most powerful ball flight imaginable. The Powercone also transmits energy from some of the worst off centre ball strikes back to the centre of the clubface for the most forgiving results. This amazing energy correction has enable us to design the 4 iron through to the wedges with a thin top line and traditional face profile, allowing confident setting up at address. And, we achieved this remarkable level of forgiveness for all golfers regardless of ability without having to resort to ugly oversize designs.

Interchangeable Hosels

Apart from the ability to easily change shafts for testing and fitting, these hosels also adjust the lie angle over 5 degrees (no more bending clubs!).







Izulu graphite iron shafts feature a construction and bending profile that is totally different to that produced by other manufacturers. You will see and feel a significant benefit in ball flight, distance and feel in all our products when hitting our clubs fitted with our unique shafts.

We also offer a choice of standard weight 128 grams and lightweight 102 grams steel shafts in all flexes.