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Windhoek International pairs choose Izulu Long Doctor XL balls for their participants.


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Exceptional Feel – Exceptional Performance

The Izulu Long Doctor XL features a unique and explosive multi-compound core and cover connection developed in conjunction with one of the worlds leading scientific ballistic designers. This core converts impact energy into class leading ball speed for maximum distance plus controls backspin for ultimate ‘drop and stop’ iron and wedge performance throughout your entire  game.        

The Izulu Long Doctor XL has been described by all testers from Tour players to high handicappers as the best ball they ever played with. Forget all the ‘hype’ about multi cores and compression and just experience the difference in feel and performance the Long Doctor XL’s proprietary and totally new internal compound and cover bring to your game.  Durability is exceptional and playability is unrivaled  – one day, all balls will be made this way.

If you have any difficulty finding a supplier you can order direct by pressing the buy button on this page. We will pay the courier to deliver to your door! (South Africa Only)

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Ruled Conforming by the USGA and R&A

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We took 6 of the top performing/selling balls available in South Africa. We had them tested against the Izulu Long Doctor XL by a very experienced golf professional on a Flightscope. The professional hit 6 shots with each ball using the same iron and then removed the best and poorest shot from the results to provide a more consistent average. The balls used were:

Titleist Pro V1 – Titleist Pro V1X – Srixon Z Star XV – Srixon AD 333 – Callaway Chrome Soft – Nike RZN

 The results in no particular order Golf Ball Comparison Chart

RED = Highest / Best Result

Another significant feature of the Izulu Long Doctor XL is it’s lasting qualities. The covers proprietary composition although providing a very soft feel off the club is extremely durable, testers have claimed at least an extra 18 holes before showing signs of wear in comparison to their current ball.

The packaging is from recycled board which itself is recyclable. We put the money in the balls – NOT a fancy box!

Long Doctor 3 Pack

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