Powercone IF Irons

Izulu Golf If Irons


Why Interchangeable Faces?

Faces can be supplied in materials hitherto not available in irons. Even the standard steel faces are produced in progressively softer stainless steel to give maximum feel and control in the short irons. Standard faces are available as follows :

  • 4-5 irons = 17/4 Stainless.
  • 6-8 irons = 431 Stainless
  • 9-PW-GW-SW-LW = 304 Soft Stainless

Alternative Graphite Insert faces also available. Wedges feature alternative bounce angles.


Why Interchangeable Hosels?

Apart from the ability to easily change shafts for testing and fitting, these hosels also adjust the lie angle over 5 degrees (no more bending clubs!).





Why Interchangeable Weights?

The Powercone IF irons interchangeable weight system has many unique and industry changing  features:

  • Golfers can add weight to suit their own personal ‘feel’. Weights are located on the centre of gravity and only affect the feel weight of the club.
  • Powercone IF irons can be supplied at standard lengths even when fitted with lightweight or graphite shafts. The amount of weight that can be added is from 4 to 40 grams. For example, a steel shafted iron can be shortened by 1” by adding just 14 grams to suit vertically challenged players.