Izulu Golf Hybrid


Why the Izulu Hybrid?


  • We looked at all the others and fixed their errors:
  • We increased the weight 10 grams so they ‘feel right’.
  • We made the face angle square so they are easy to line up.
  • We designed our own special graphite shaft for these heads,  tip heavier with low torque, for a real solid feel.
  • We set the weight distribution to remove the strong left (hook) bias which is a ‘feature’ of other Hybrids.
  • Finally we made the hosel interchangeable and adjustable plus we added our internal Power Cone® technology for maximum forgiveness on off centre hits.


Specifications & Shafts

  • Low Loft: 16° (1 iron)
  • Medium Loft: 20° (3 iron)
  • High Loft: 24° (5 iron)

Power Flex Graphite Special Hybrid Version – PF1 – PF2 – PF3


Interchangeable – Adjustable Hosel

The new Izulu hybrids feature adjustable hosel technology that enables the face and lie angles to be set in eight different positions as shown on the chart below.